VR, Mobile, Console, and Indie Games


Discovery Studio

Testing the future

We have a great passion for creating VR, Adventure and Arcade games for all platforms. We are a dedicated and talented team currently creating two games for VR and Desktop.

Beyond: Island Universe

Open source UNIVERSE

Beyond will take you on a journey to discover alien planets, exoplanets, quasars, black holes, and other stellar phenomena. Decode languages, gather species and discover the secrets that hide in the vastness of our galaxy.

Attack Command

Bringing Retro Arcade Action to VR

Following on the success of our game Trip Pulse VR, we are now developing a VR title for the OculusGO, Google Daydream, and GearVR. With this game, we are bringing fast-paced retro arcade action to VR. Inspired by old coin-op games, and vector displays, this game takes the past and fast-forwards it into the future.

Destroy robot mechs and leave a trail of fiery explosions in your wake. Part Tron, part Battle Zone, part holographic sci-fi user interface, expect an intense battle, power-ups, score multipliers and other familiar arcade devices designed to accelerate the action.

Attack Command


ios VR and Gear VR

2017 was pretty busy for us. We launched two games for ioS and Android. 'Trip' is a VR Rhythm game with stunning graphics, a variety of amazing electronic music, and innovative gameplay. This game is currently being re-envisioned and will see new life in 2018.

Trip the Game